Do you need a sound set up for a business meeting, reception, concert or special event?  We have you covered for live sound. Are you remodeling or starting up a new business?  Get wired for sound the right way. We can help you set up a permanent sound system. No high pressure sales from us; just honest quotes, recommendations and sound solutions.

Full Sound System for weddings, meetings, bands, or clubs - available starting from $300-$500

We provide PA, setup, tear down, and sound tech

We currently use all powered speakers and subs with X32 or Presonus mixers.  

If you’re tech savvy and own an iphone or ipad – you’ll love this set up.   These boards give the musician or artist who uses in ear monitors the ability to control their own In Ear Monitors right from the stage using their smart phone or ipad.  This set up is stocked with standard EQ and effects plus a whole lot more to help improve the sound experience.

Sound Tech on your equipment.

You provide and set up your own equipment and we provide a qualified sound tech that mixes your show.

Sound System Setup/Installation 

We also work as independent contrators to set up, install, or strike your event.


We will train your technicians on your sound system to help them get the most out of your system. It takes years of experience and training to be a professional sound tech but a volunteer with a willingness to learn can be trained to handle the day to day tasks involved with a stationary sound system.


Need a live recording?  Ask me for details.  –Steve Thomas  765.610.6739.


Contact: Steve Thomas at Steve@BetterSoundSolutions.com (765) 610-6739
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