How are we different?

Icon-Making the Most of your New or Existing System!How are we different?

When we’re running live sound, we become part of the band, attentive, focused and professional.  We’re there to give you the best monitor mix and house mix possible.

We are not your typical sales rep with little or no hands-on experience.  We have the working knowledge of what truly does and doesn’t work.  We’ve worked in a variety of environments and with a wide variety of systems.

We become part of your team. We don’t represent any particular business that sells sound equipment.  This means we don’t try to sell you on the latest and greatest product out there.  If a product is truly necessary to complete your existing system, we only recommend products you need and products that fit your budget.   We’ll let you know if a recommended item is a must-have or if it’s recommended to enhance your sound.

Contact: Steve Thomas at (765) 610-6739
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